Building Future Readers:

Tips for Parents & Caregivers

Building Future Readers explores high-yield literacy strategies for Parents and Caregivers supporting early childhood literacy for children ages 3 to 8.

Course Overview:

The course is for parents, caregivers, and early childcare providers looking to support children ages 3 to 8 to gain the reading skills needed to thrive. The course, developed in partnership with Barbara Bush Foundation, uses self-reflection questions and scenario-based learning to help learners visualize and plan how they can apply strategies in a way that honors the adult and the child’s experiences. 

Available in English and Spanish.

Course Objectives:

Unit 1: Building Simple Literacy Strategies

  • Recognize when and how literacy begins
  • Relate personal experience and preference to literacy strategies
  • Plan to incorporate a habit of literacy from the unit to their lives

Unit 2: Building Reading Strategies

  • Identify questions to prompt conversation before and during reading
  • Write an open-ended question that could spark conversation during reading
  • Recognize examples of positive praise
  • Plan to apply a strategy from the unit to their lives

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