Cell-Ed delivers remote learning for all

Award-winning Cell-Ed is trusted by education providers and employers to deliver learning on any device - from call-in to smartphone apps to tablet or computer web browser. Learners gain access 24/7 to micro-lessons that lead to certification while their live coaches individualize learning. Customizable data dashboards and ability to convert your custom content is available.

Key Benefits

3-minute micro-lessons > to engage learners more effectively in short, easily digestible bursts

Live coaching support > to provide learners with the nudges and encouragement they require

Scientifically proven > to deliver 84% faster skills gains and 20%+ higher engagement

Radically accessible > to ensure all learners can access content even without wifi or data

Recognized > content developed by experts with capability to convert/customize

Cell-Ed 10 minutes

Cell-Ed 1 hour

Cell-Ed 5 hours

Cell-Ed 20 hours

1 hour classroom

1 unit or 10 hours
of classroom

5 units or 50 hours
of classroom

1 foundational year
of college or other credit

NEW - semester pricing, a la carte coaching options, optional reporting


Cell-Ed courses integrate essential life skills for adults into every mobile learning micro-lesson to provide a pathway from low literacy to education and job success.

Cell-Ed was designed for our unique learners. Taking into account key barriers such as time (as few have dedicated one hour block for studying), digital access (many lack smartphones or access to expensive data plans/wifi), and literacy (simply call and get started).  

All content is 100% relevant to learners' daily lives. In our English course, we will never teach “the cat ate the apple,” but rather how to deposit checks, talk to your doctor, or ace an interview.


Foundational or “Essential Work and Life Skills” are embedded in all Cell-Ed programs, including:

- reading - writing - numeracy

- document use

- oral and written communication

- digital, health, and financial literacy

- critical thinking

- job skills, working with others, and continuous learning


Cell-Ed Course Catalog

Cell-Ed courses provide adults with the tools to navigate daily life. Each course has integrated essential skills including literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, job skills, and more. All courses are accessible via any mobile device - even basic phones without internet. All learners are paired with a live Cell-Ed coach to tailor learning and ensure success. Learners earn certificates as they complete courses.


SkillBuilder Series: Integrated Literacy & Adult Basic Education


Reading & Writing

SkillBuilder Reading™, 2 Levels
SkillBuilder Writing™
Advanced Reading, 3 Levels
Vamos a Leer, SPA Literacy

Numeracy & More

SkillBuilder Everyday Math™, 3 Levels
Advanced Math, 3 Levels
Advanced Charts, Graphs,
and Tables, 2 Levels

Citizenship & Civics

Citizenship & Civics,™ ELL
SkillBuilder U.S. Social Studies™

The Advanced SkillBuilder Series was developed in partnership with Educational Testing Services (ETS).


Integrated Language Learning: English & Spanish

English on the Go™ - for Work & Life

Intro, Part 1 and 2, for Spanish Speakers
English on the Go™ 6 Levels, U.S. and global
Vocational English, Hospitality, 2 Levels
Vocational English, Restaurant, 2 Levels
Vocational English, Customer Service, 2 Levels
Vocational English, Home Health Aides

Spanish on the Go™ - for Work & Life

Spanish on the Go™ 2 Levels, for English speakers
Spanish, For Healthcare Professionals, 1 Level
Spanish, For Hospitality Professionals, 2 Levels
Spanish, For Restaurant Professionals, 2 Levels

Vocational English courses in partnership with SEIU-1099NY
and Literacy Council of Northern Virginia


Work & Education Readiness

WorkReady - English

Exploring Job Options & Opportunities, Starting a New Job, Communicating on the Job, Creative Problem Solving on the Job, Goal Setting, Work-Life Balance, Financial Planning, Building Confidence, Understanding Culture and Diversity, Time Management

WorkReady - Bridge for ELL*

Preparing for the Interview, Small Talk, Basic Questions, Making Polite Requests, Making Professional Phone Calls, Writing Basic Emails, Receiving & Giving Feedback, Negotiating, Interacting with Coworkers, Writing Business Emails

STEPS: Steps Toward Educational Pathways & Success

Intro to Educational Pathways, Identifying and Overcoming Potential Barriers, Applying for Financial Aid - The FAFSA, Scholarships, Student Loans

COVID-19 Guides, ENG & SPA*
4 part guide including vaccination information


New for 2021

Digital Literacy - Spring

Reading & Writing - Spring
Intro to Reading

Life & Health Skills - Summer

Building Future Readers, ENG & SPA*
in partnership with Barbara Bush Foundation

Eat Smart, Live Strong and
Eat Healthy, Be Active, ENG, SPA, ELL*
in partnership with USDA SNAP-Ed

Vocational Tracks - Fall

Micro-entrepreneurship &
Business Skills, ENG & SPA*
in partnership with LA Public Library

Healthcare 101, ENG & SPA*
Early Childhood Educators,


Cell-Ed also converts partners’ materials for its mobile-first platform, as well as adapts current courses to meet the unique needs of our partners and learners. Please contact info@cell-ed.com for details.

Coaching Support

Level 1 Coaching Support

Response to all help requests in a timely manner

Engage learners challenged by onboarding or content

Automated nudges for support and inactivity

Level 2 Coaching Support

Important for long-term learner retention and success

(add $20 a license for coaching,
$10 if purchase 100,000+ licenses)

Personalized coach assigned to each learner

Proactive “welcome” texts and calls at sign up

Weekly monitoring of all learners with personalized outreach for milestones (e.g., units completes, minutes on platform, and more)

Personalized and automated nudges for inactivity


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